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The 3×3 basketball olympics is a major international event that takes place every four years. The first 3×3 basketball olympics was held in Athens, Greece in 1896, and the most recent edition was held in Beijing, China in 201- The event is organized by the International 3×3 Basketball Federation (FIBA), and the main purpose of the olympics is to promote 3×3 basketball and to provide a platform for the best players from around the world to compete.

The 3×3 basketball olympics is a highly competitive event and the competition is usually very close. The winner of the olympics is usually the most successful player and he or she usually has a very good chance of becoming the world champion. The format of the olympics is a round-robin system, which means that each team plays each other team once. The top two teams from each group go to the semi-finals, and the winners of the semi-


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