Friday, March 31, 2023
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Looking ahead to the 2027 NBA Draft, there are a number of talented players available who could help a team right away. Here is a look at the top prospects and their potential role on a team next season.

– DeAndre Ayton, C, Arizona

Ayton is a dominant center who is still learning the game of basketball. He is a physical presence down low and is extremely versatile offensively. Ayton could start right away for a team and be a big contributor on both sides of the court.

– Luka Doncic, PG, Slovenia

Doncic is a gifted passer who can create for himself and others. He is also a capable scorer and rebounder. Doncic is a long-term project, but has the potential to be a superstar.

– Marvin Bagley III, PF, Duke

Bagley is a versatile player who can score inside and out. He is a good passer and


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