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The 2024 NBA free agent class is one that is sure to be intriguing. With so many stars set to hit the open market, teams will be scrambling to lock up their players before they become available. Here are five players to keep an eye on as the offseason progresses.

– LeBron James
LeBron James is without a doubt one of the most dominant players in NBA history. He has won a record seven MVP Awards and has led his teams to multiple championships. If he decides to leave Cleveland, there will be countless teams lining up to sign him.

– Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant is one of the most polarizing players in the NBA. He is a prolific scorer and an excellent defender, but he also has a history of playing for the wrong teams. If he leaves the Oklahoma City Thunder, there are many teams that would be interested in acquiring his services.

– Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard is one of the most versatile players in the


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