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The 2022 Cricket World Cup will be taking place from 14th February to 21st March in Australia and New Zealand. The tournament will see 10 teams compete for the prestigious trophy. The full schedule for the event is as follows:

14 February – Group A: Australia vs. Ireland, England vs. Afghanistan
16 February – Group B: India vs. Pakistan, Sri Lanka vs. West Indies
18 February – Group C: South Africa vs. New Zealand, Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe
20 February – Group D: Argentina vs. Canada, Chile vs. United States
22 February – Group E: France vs. Scotland, Netherlands vs. Oman
24 February – Group F: Australia vs. Pakistan, India vs. Sri Lanka
26 February – Quarter-finals: 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd, 3rd vs. 5th
28 February – Semi-finals: 1st vs. 2nd, 2nd vs. 3rd


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